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Transmission 5.16.2012 EWB PODCAST 014

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I was hanging out with Fred Pessaro the other day and we got into a pretty radical discussion about movie soundtracks, secret identities, 80’s movies, David Bowie and whether or not Fred was going to make up to Irving Plaza that night to see Behemoth and Watain. 

Correction: at one point, we were discussing “To Live and Die in L.A.” and “Christiane F.” I stated that both films were basically about drugs, however, “To Live and Die in L.A.” is in fact about a counterfeit money operation.

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Transmission 12.11.2011 Year End Top 20

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The year is drawing to a close, there are only a few weeks left and everyone is deeply into their holiday trip, buying presents for loved ones, making travel arrangements and just dealing with the madness of the Holiday Season. I always find myself going inward around this time of the year, submerging myself in meditations on the past year and making plans for the next year. This time last year, we were on tour, heading down to Dallas where we would be working with John Congleton on the recording for “Path of Totality;” it was a personal triumph for us, though we feel fortunate for all of the recognition the press has decided to bestow on us, the most meaningful thing was that we made a record that we were proud of, a piece of work where we pushed ourselves.

2011 was a challenging year for me personally. There were a lot of ups and downs, difficult times hardships but through it all, I tried to stay positive and work hard. Below are some of the high points of the year for me, not just records that moved me, but books, shows and accomplishments that helped me keep it all on track.

Happy Holidays!!

1. Ulcerate – The Destroyers of All
The future of Death Metal; I’m a fan of this band’s entire catalog. I look forward to seeing them at MDF 2012.
2. Necros Christos – Doom of the Occult
Robert from Mutant Supremacy turned me on to these guys. One of the blackest, most brutal death metal bands I’ve heard in several years.
3. Blut Aus Nord – Desanctification
One of the creepiest bands in a scene of creepy bands; imagine a black glacier of depression and you will be about halfway down the darkened hallway that leads to where these guys dwell.
4. KEN Mode –Venerable
KILL EVERYONE NOW MODE pretty much sums it all up. They guys are consistently one of the hardest hitting bands that I’ve ever seen and really nice dudes to boot. Oh yeah, they’re also Canadian.
5. Craft – Void
I thought they broke up, but brother Mike Scondotto told me that they had a new record out. Their other records “ Fuck the Universe”, “Total Soul Rape” and “Terror Propaganda” are stellar; the one continues the black metal with a rocking, almost Entombed-style groove. I’m actually listening to it as I write this. Aside from being brutal and satanic as fuck, they’re catchy and write great songs.
6. Morne – Asylum
I remember hearing their demo down at the Relapse office a couple of years ago and being blown away by it. I also heard it on WFMU while driving the van across New Jersey. It’s epic in the European hardcore vein; like Tragedy but a hair slower. This is one of my constant plays.
7. Chris Conelly – Artificial Madness
We scored a box of new releases from the relapse office and this was one of the discs in the box. Andrew actually told me that it was good, it reminded him a Versoma, the band that I did with Jamie Getz. Unlike Versoma, this record is great. It falls in somewhere between Joy Division and Public Image Limited; driving repetitive drums and depressing, understated vocals.
8. Exhumed – All Guts, No Glory
Exhumed rule. All of their records kick my ass. We played with them at Ieper Fest in Belgium on the last European Tour. Totally ripping death grind.
9. Circle of Ouroborus – Eleven Fingers
Circle of Ourobourus is one of the more unique bands that people call Black Metal. I put the in the same category as Urfaust in being two of the most European sounding bands in my record collection. Dark, Ian Curtis influenced vocals and spare subtle guitar and bass over simple rhythms paint a landscape of greys and somber pale skies. This is winter music.
10. Wolves in the Throne Room – Celestial Lineage
I wonder if tis will be their last record? The tour this past summer was their last tour.
11. Walking Dead – Season 2
I was looking forward to this ever since Season 1 ended. I can’t express how stoked I am that AMC is handling this series with a laissez-faire attitude and letting it be as extreme as it needs to be. I did the direction and applaud the fact that it’s not just a TV re-telling of the comic book.
12. Danzig Legacy Tour
Love him or hate him, Glenn Danzig is an icon. He has contributed so much to punk, metal, hardcore and rock music. It was a real event when he rolled through town with the Legacy tour. I was most excited about the Samhain set, my favorite of all of his bands. The Misfits set was also intense. Doyle was like a superhero, larger than life and stalking across the stage. It gave me chills.
13. Swans live at Music Hall of Williamsburg – 9.28.2011
I missed the first group of dates that the Swans did because I was on tour. The show at the Music Hall of Williamsburg was amazing. Michael Gira has been one of my idols for the past two decades of my life, so seeing him back in action was an honor.
14. Immolation – Providence EP
Immolation keeps cranking out great records I caught these guys this fall at Blender in NYC with brother Mike Scondotto. As always they delivered a solid set of NYDM.
15. Black Anvil, Inhuman, Tombs, The Year is One – ABC NO RIO, NYC 12.3.2011
This was one last chance to play at ABC NO RIO BEFORE the wrecking ball demolishes the building. It was meaningful to play it with a group of good friends and great bands.
16. Interviewing Henry Rollins for Brooklyn Vegan
Rollins continues to be one of my main philosophical influences so it comes as no surprise that getting a chance to speak to him on a professional level was a high point of the year for me. I hope that we can do it again at some point.
17. “Night Eternal” – Part 3 of The Strain Trilogy by Guillermo Del Toro
The conclusion of Del Toro’s awesome vampire trilogy did not disappoint. I’m sad that there won’t be a new book for next year!!
18. New York Comicon 2011
It was just straight-up fun. I took the day off from work and was onsite from pretty much the onset. It was overload, but totally killer.
19. Iron Man: My Journey Through Heaven and Hell with Black Sabbath” by Tony Iommi
How badass is it to be able to title your biography “Iron Man.”
20. “The Walking Dead: Rise of the Governor” by Robert Kirkman and Jay Bonansinga
I scored this at Comicon. I’m a massive Walking Dead fan so all of this tie-in stuff is must-have for me. “The Governor” is one of the best villains, up there with Darth Vader. I highly recommend this for anyone who loves the comic and the TV series.

Transmission 3.18.2011 Interview Downloads

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The last several months have been fairly action packed for me; in addition to recording a new Tombs record and going on tour, I had the opportunity to interview Henry Rollins and Keith Morris. It was a real highpoint for me, I’ve been a fan of both for most of my life, so it was a herculean effort to (barely) contain the fan-boy in me.

The text versions of both interviews originally appeared on Brooklyn Vegan, but it’s always fun to experience the live conversation. The Keith Morris / Dimitri Coates / Off! interview is nearly 2 hours long; it was a real blast.

Anyway, I hope you have as much fun as I did with these conversations.

Keith Morris / Off!