Mike Hill


6 Responses to “Mike Hill”

  1. Leighton Paris Says:

    You guys were awesome @ The Cake Shop and pretty fucking intense all around. I’ll be seeing you in December @ The Studio.

  2. Yo Mike,

    Great talking to you last night. Hit me up on e-mail and I’ll be sure to send you a CD or two full of death/doom stuff.


  3. Hi Mike,

    This is Casper from Whelm – we shared the stage together with you (Tombs) & Buried Inside, when you were playing in Denmark some years ago. Now our record is done & in that matter you could might help us out? Please get in touch.


  4. Well, as I said, the record is done, mixed & mastered now – So we’re looking for help to put it out on a label. Also we looking for shows outside Denmark – but don’t have any contacts abroad. I did get an email from you – but can’t remember if it was yours or one guy setting up shows in Europe? Please get in touch by email.

    Cheers, Casper/Whelm

  5. Hey Mike. I know you guys are on tour and hitting Savannah soon. You should, while in town, swing by Graveface Records and Curiosities. It’s a sweet record store and is roughly three blocks from the best burger place in town, Green Truck Pub.

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