Transmission 7.13.2012 Killing Technology

We overcame some technical obstacles this past weekend in our mission to record our new track for the Decibel Flexi and the Bowie cover; props to Tim for hanging in there and getting it done. Over the course of the week, I’ve been adding some details and did some mixing. For the Bowie track, the missing component is Ralph Schmidt’s vocals for the second half of “Heroes”. I was listening back to it last night and felt proud of the work we did.

The Podcast with the special guest is being postponed. Since he’s on the west coast, we had to do it over the phone and my audio setup didn’t work out too well. I have enough material for a text-only Q and A, which will be posted on Metal Insider in the next few weeks. We’ll be rescheduling once I tighten up my recording approach.


7 Responses to “Transmission 7.13.2012 Killing Technology”

  1. noiseviolation Says:

    Mike, I recently asked questions about merch on your twitter. If possible, contact me via DM or even reply here. I know as a touring musician you have to deal with rough sleeping conditions. My wife is a GM at a hotel, and i could possibly get you a good discount on rooms. This isnt spam, nor bullshit promotion. Help is always appreciated, given or received.

    • Wow, that’s quite generous. Thanks. if you want to hit me up, you can use my personal Facebook page (Michael Hill brooklyn, ny) the Tombs Twitter and FB sometimes goes unchecked for weeks at a time. Did you get you merch situation squared away?

  2. noiseviolation Says:

    I’m actually not on FB any other way? Don’t exactly wana post it in here. And the merch deal should be good.

  3. noiseviolation Says:

    I believe fb gives its users an actual email, using “domain“. And I may be able to connect that way. If you’re able, check it out whenever and let me know.

  4. noiseviolation Says:

    OK. Keep an eye for Ryan Stephenson.

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