Transmission 3.11.2012 Passageways Video Shoot

We wrapped shooting the Scion-backed video for Passageways yesterday. It was a long, cold day spent in this desolate neighborhood outside of Trenton, NJ. The whole thing came together really quickly; we weren’t Scion’s first choice, but the band that they had originally planned on working with proved to be problematic so there was a decision made on some higher level to get another band to do the video. Relapse suggested us and because we’re whores who will do anything to promote the band, we mobilized.

We met up at the space at 12:30. We recruited my girlfriend Jaclyn, her friend Stefanie and Vanessa, one Andrew’s friends who has legit acting experience to appear in the video. We had a rough treatment to work off but not an actual script. We loaded some of our backline into the van, packed everyone up and shipped out.

It was a straight shot down the Jersey Turnpike; we mad the cursory stop at the rest are outside of New Brunswick to fuel up on coffee and were at the location by 14:20. It was a grim neighborhood; we drove past the liquor stores, unsavory lurkers and rolled up to a collection of what looked like abandoned buildings. Dave Brodsky, the director met us outside and led us through a gate to the location. We loaded in.

Brodsky had shot tons of bands int these, decrepit, evil-looking buildings. Apparently, before the economy took a piss, there was a plan to turn the buildings into a music venue, but like many of the pre-2008 pipe dreams of financial domination, the financing fell through.

It was a long day spent in the cold; Brodsky and his crew did a great job getting the whole thing together and making everyone feel comfortable. If you’ve never shot a music video before, it’s one of the most unnatural things you can do but in a way, one of the most interesting things you can do because when it all comes together, you trip out on the fact that you started with an idea and now you have this thing with it’s own personality and energy.

I wanted to share some behind the scene shots from the shoot.


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