Transmission 12.31.2011 The Last Day


It’s the last day of the year; it’s been an interesting trip this year. I downloaded music LEGALLY for the first time this year. My two legal downloads were Deep Purple “Perfect Strangers” and Hate Eternal “Phoenix Amongst the Ashes.” I tried to downl0ad “Perfect Strangers” for free but couldn’t find a reliable link. I think Hate Eternal is rad and Eric Rutan deserves my money so I paid for it on iTunes. It’s addictive, instant gratification, especially since most of the good record stores are gone these days. If I wanted a hard copy of the Hate Eternal, I would have to mailorder it or by it at the show when they come to New York with Goarwhore in a couple of months.

I slept late today. It’s Saturday; it’s New Year’s Eve tonight. I wish I was somewhere else besides New York City today because in a few hours a lot of people will start the slow self-murder of alcohol abuse that is deployed this time of year. Hey man, do what you want, but be advised that there are many other things that you could be doing besides slowly poisoning yourself or if you’re a man, dropping your testosterone levels. I question why marijuana is illegal in this day and age; it’s not my bag but in my opinion, it’s a more positive substance than booze.

Does time seem to be passing faster? The years are flying by, at least for me. Time seems to accelerate at the year progresses; it starts out slow in January and picks up speed until late Summer and then, suddenly the year is over. It makes me think that time is not a constant, but is this differential equation. Most things that we perceive as constants are in fact changing and in order to make the equations balance, we assume they are constants.

I remember when I was younger, a year felt like an eternity. I remember when the school year would be ending, the feeling of anticipation for the endless summer. I remember that feeling of the first day of summer break, when you didn’t have to go to school and the day was completely yours to do with whatever you wanted. The summer was another lifetime to be lived until autumn cam and it was back to the hallways, lectures and home work scene.

I’ve got the self-titled Alaric record playing at hard volume. It’s the perfect soundtrack for these kinds of musings. This record is so completely, exactly what I want to listen to. Aside from being a powerful gothic punk, dark wave masterpiece it has member of Noothgrush and Dead in Gone (among others) in its lineup.

2012: some people believe we have less than a year left before the “End of the World.” There are a of colorful predictions for what may be in store for us over the next 12 months, the Mayan Calendar Theory being one of the more widely known. My favorite is the Sitchin concept that the planet Nibiru will collide with Earth. I think that is my favorite one. By now we would have some kind of visual contact with a planet on a terminal orbit trajectory with us. I like to meditate on what the months leading up to a collision would be like, to look up into the sky and see this massive body getting closer with every month. This was a recurring nightmare I had a few years ago. What would the final days be like? Would people be cooler to each other if they knew that in 365 days we would be annihilated?

There’s also a more New Age, hippy take on it where in 2012, we’ll all go through a spiritual change that will herald a new era of enlightenment. Somehow I doubt this. I believe that man needs a more absolute, visceral confrontation, like total annihilation, be bring on these deep changes. After all 2012 is an abstraction; the date itself, the whole method of reckoning time is a man-made construct; why would this have any cosmic significance?


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