Transmission 12.21.2011 Everything Went Black Media

The year is almost over and there are a few loose ends that I haven’t tied up that will surface next year.

We’re almost finished editing the Malcolm Tent / Trash American Style Documentary Short. Back in September, Curro Rodriguez and I drove up to Danbury, CT to catch up with Malcom and spent the day interviewing him at various locations. We had a massive amount of footage, all of it was killer; over the past few months, Jaclyn has been editing it down to a tight 8 minute short. We’re hoping to post it next month. That there is more to the story so we’ll be shooting more next year and hopefully a cool, feature length documentary will surface.

We started out with the concept of doing a similar 8 minute mini-doc about ABC NO RIO and the imminent demolition / rebuilding that is about to go down. For those of you who are unfamiliar with ABC NO RIO, it has existed since the early 80’s, late 70’s in New York City’s Lower East Side, as an artist collective and later as a D.I.Y. hardcore venue as well as a site for various craft workshops (screen printing, dark room) and a zine library. Starting with the Giuliani Police State, they have been in a constant battle with the City, intensifying as property values in the now trendy Lower East Side have been on the steady rise.

Originally we were hoping to just get a couple of interview with some of the board members and volunteers, but the project has expanded into a verbal history of the collective as well as a chronicle of the days leading up to the demolition of the building. It’s a rich story.

Both 8 minute mini-documentaries will surface early next year on the new Everything Went Black Media site. I’m hoping to launch this sometime in February; you’ll be able to find videos, more podcasts and other cool stuff there (unless the government deems it a Threat to National Security and I’m incarcerated without a trial for an undetermined amount of time).

Stay Tuned and have a happy Holiday!!


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