Transmission 7.2.2011

Part 1 of the current Tour Journal can be read at Revolver’s Metalkult Blog

It’ll be broken up into parts. At some point, I’ll re-post the whole thing here.

I brought the van to the shop for repairs; listened to some Rock ‘n’ Roll radio on the way. and decided that the guitar riff in Aerosmith’s “Love in an Elevator” is pretty brutal despite the flaccidity of the actual song. Leave it to Joe Perry and Brad Whitford. The irony is that the song is about laying some floozy in an elevator yet the vocals and lyrics are so completely bereft of testosterone. After that, the Kings of Leon track “Use Somebody” was up. This song has been rammed down my throat for a solid two years, starting that one night in Helsinki when I spent a sleepless two hours in a hotel room waiting for the van call and was mesmerized by the European MTV. The extreme close-ups on the singer were really uncomfortable. I’ve heard this song being played at various gyms, Starbucks, chain restaurants and record stores more or less continuously.

I have to admit, I’ve grown to almost like that song.

Tomorrow, I have Mike Repasch-Nieves from Junius coming over to do a podcast; it should result in some good conversation. Later in the week, Mike Scondotto (The Last Stand, Inhuman) will be in for a follow up to the First Episode.

It’s been really slow since I got back from tour. It’s always the same: it’s miles and hours, playing shows every night, seeing people then it all stops suddenly. I feel this incredible stillness and restlessness because life is really out there for me, not here in this room.


3 Responses to “Transmission 7.2.2011”

  1. Seanicus Says:

    Do you have copies of “Path of Totality” not on that camo color? I ordered one from Relapse, hoping to get the other color and they sent the camo. If you do, I’d love to pick one up off you.

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