Transmission 5.16.2011 PODCAST Episode 001

You can download the first episode of the EVERYTHING WENT BLACK Podcast. I did it sort of on the fly with Mike Scondotto (Inhuman, The Last Stand) after watching a screening of A SERBIAN FILM at the Alpine Theater in Bay Ridge, Brooklyn. When Mike told me that the movie was showing at a mainstream theater I was blown away and committed to making the trek out to Bay Ridge last night to watch it on the big screen. This first episode is available on the Soundcloud but future episodes will available on a more legit stream

I’d never been to the Alpine before. Mike met me outside. When I rolled up I looked at the marquis and noted that A SERBIAN FILM was playing along side such blockbusters as Thor, Fast Five, Rio…you get the idea. It had been showing since Friday, and no one had picketed the movie or attempted to have it shut down. Mike and I entered the theater. The movie started with an audience of 6 and by the time the lights went up, the attendance was down to 4; we lost 2 people along the way.

Afterward, Mike and I went to Daisy’s Diner on 5th Avenue to have a late dinner and discuss what we’d seen.


One Response to “Transmission 5.16.2011 PODCAST Episode 001”

  1. Looking forward to hearing what you had to say about this.I can’t think of another movie I’ve disliked so strongly in the last few years (and possibly not for the reason you think) but at the same time I’m intrigued by the fact everyone I know who’s seen it either likes or dislikes it for a different reason.

    Also, podcasts make commuting less painful, so that’s a bonus.

    See you in Dublin in August.

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