Transmission 4.25.2011

Life has been very interesting lately; I’m getting into a lot of really cool stuff in the next couple of weeks: film work, new music projects, the release of the new Tombs record.

On Wednesday, I ship out with the Wheelhouse Creative to work with Morgan Spurlock. He has a new film about to be released called “The Greatest Movie ever Sold”. We’re working on material for an EPK. I feel fortunate to be able to contribute to this project.

I drove Andrew’s new death metal band, PAINTED RUST, to a show in New Brunswick over the weekend. If you dig the “NJ Metal” Vibe, definitely check them out

I’ve also been hard at work on two project: VASILEK and KRATTIA; both projects are different, at least to me they are. VASILEK will be strictly a one-man operation, but KRATTIA will involve other people (most of which don’t know that they’re involved with it yet).

If you’re interested, you can stream / download material at the Mike Hill Soundcloud

There’s also another concept in the works: “DRACONIAN AGE” a portal where you can download stuff for free or on a donation basis.


2 Responses to “Transmission 4.25.2011”

  1. Really digging that Krattia song. Very dark. Painted Rust are great too! How did you hook up with Spurlock. I don’t agree with everything he says (especailly in Super Size Me), but that has to be a good opportunity for you!

  2. Thanks man, I’m hoping to turn Krattia into a legit band. The track I posted is a demo. The Spurlock gig is through a company called Wheelhouse Creative that I freelance for. Definitely keep an eye on Painted Rust; I’m kind of their de facto driver / roadie

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