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Transmission 4.25.2011

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Life has been very interesting lately; I’m getting into a lot of really cool stuff in the next couple of weeks: film work, new music projects, the release of the new Tombs record.

On Wednesday, I ship out with the Wheelhouse Creative to work with Morgan Spurlock. He has a new film about to be released called “The Greatest Movie ever Sold”. We’re working on material for an EPK. I feel fortunate to be able to contribute to this project.

I drove Andrew’s new death metal band, PAINTED RUST, to a show in New Brunswick over the weekend. If you dig the “NJ Metal” Vibe, definitely check them out

I’ve also been hard at work on two project: VASILEK and KRATTIA; both projects are different, at least to me they are. VASILEK will be strictly a one-man operation, but KRATTIA will involve other people (most of which don’t know that they’re involved with it yet).

If you’re interested, you can stream / download material at the Mike Hill Soundcloud

There’s also another concept in the works: “DRACONIAN AGE” a portal where you can download stuff for free or on a donation basis.


Transmission 3.18.2011 Interview Downloads

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The last several months have been fairly action packed for me; in addition to recording a new Tombs record and going on tour, I had the opportunity to interview Henry Rollins and Keith Morris. It was a real highpoint for me, I’ve been a fan of both for most of my life, so it was a herculean effort to (barely) contain the fan-boy in me.

The text versions of both interviews originally appeared on Brooklyn Vegan, but it’s always fun to experience the live conversation. The Keith Morris / Dimitri Coates / Off! interview is nearly 2 hours long; it was a real blast.

Anyway, I hope you have as much fun as I did with these conversations.

Keith Morris / Off!

Transmission 4.04.2011 March Tour Journal

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3.15.2011 Columbus, OH 19:31
We got here about two hours ago, loaded in, sound checked and now we’re kicking back waiting for our food. Chris is doing the show tonight; he’s a good dude. I’m not sure how well the show will go tonight, the last time we hit Columbus, it was kind of rough.

The drive was long and dull. We shipped out of New York at 07:00 and drove pretty much straight, just stopping for fuel and to hit the rest room. We made a Wawa stop on the way for a quick bite, but that was about it.

Tonight is the first of the run of dates with Castevet.

3.16.2011 St. Louis, MO 16:57
The show last night was cool. I felt a little rusty at first; we’ve been rehearsing a lot but nothing can substitute playing live and we haven’t played a show since the short tour down to Dallas to record.
I met this guy named Matt at the show. He just had 40% of his intestines due to Crone’s disease. He weighed in at 120 pounds during his recovery and said that he listened to “Winter Hours” during that time. I know how brutal that disease is. He was dealing with it for 15 years before he had to operation.

We drove all day. The only excitement was watching this guy swerve, nod off and rear end another car on I-70W. He almost hit us when he changed lanes. There was a cop about 60 feet behind him. The cop was on top of it and pulled the guy over. I would love to know how that whole situation played out. Was the guy drunk, high or sexting? What a failure. This country is truly the Savage Land.

I introduced the guys to Tonetta, a sensation that I learned about from the Joe Rogan Podcast.

Destiny was at work today. Somewhere along the trail, I had to hit the men’s room, so we pulled off the highway and rolled into a Shell station. I found a copy of “From Beyond”, the superb Stuart Gordon film chilling in the used DVD rack for $5.00. I bought it; it will make an excellent addition to my collection. When we got back on the highway, I spotted a rest area less than a mile away. I could have utilized the state maintained travel facility, but I wouldn’t have been able to secure a copy of “From Beyond.” Destiny put me in that Shell station.

This is the part of the country where things start to feel different. The land looks different and you feel like you’re somewhere else. Up until now, it all seems like home.

3.1.2011 Oklahoma City, OK 09:58
We drove all day yesterday and got the venue on the late side. There’s never a sound check there so it doesn’t really matter I suppose. After loading in, Carson and I went over to Size Records and hung out with Jimmie. That place rules; one of the best record shops in the country. I picked up the last two Razor reissues, Twister Sister’s “Under the Blade” on vinyl (I had the cassette version from when I was in high school), a Black Death CD and a Red Harvest CD. There was a ton more there, but at the end of this, I need to be able to pay my rent.

We stopped for fuel in Missouri, outside of St. Louis. It was the kind of place that sold fireworks and booze in addition to fuel. After fueling up, we met this strange girl outside in the parking lot. She was 19 years old at most and had this hula hoop. She came up to the van and started talking to us. Her Mom worked as a cashier and she was just hanging around in the parking lot. These are the things we learned about her world:
1. She’s not a Christian even though he Mom wants her to be
2. Her boyfriend makes electronic music
3. She designs her own clothes
4. Most people in her town are into drugs

America. She was most likely having a hard time fitting in. It was a little unnerving how trusting she was with three strangers driving around in a van with out-of-state license plates. I’m hoping that she doesn’t end up one of those crystal meth casualties that you see on documentaries. When we pulled out, I told her to stay out of trouble and stay positive.

The weakest music always has the strongest signal. The radio is not a friend. Scanning the stations can lead to frustration and ultimately defeat. It’s station to station of insane Christian ranting and Right Wing Fascists. The America that I don’t feel part of makes me think about the end of Easy Rider when Denis Hopper and Peter Fonda are senselessly gunned down by Whisky Tango Savages who hate them just because they’re different.

What they don’t know is that I just want to pass through; I don’t want any part of their America. That’s the America that supports senseless wars over oil and the cash-driven war machine that sacrifices our young men and women to the meat grinder. This is the part of America where good soldiers come from kids really, with one foot in the grave, signing up for the corporate death cult.

The show last night was good. We’ve been to OKC a couple of times and there are some good people out here. I feel locked and loaded; any rustiness that I felt in the last two shows is gone now. The set felt intense and I think we’re playing well. The rest of the tour should be good.

Castevet are great every night, we only have a couple of shows left and then we go our separate ways. It’s great to be out on the road with Josh again. It blows my mind that he plays in three sick bands: Castevet, Defeatist and Radiation Black Body.

We crashed with Blake, the drummer from Monero, a really cool guy. Last night he turned us on to this comedian named Reggie Watts. It’s a mix of stand-up and music created mainly by looping his voice. It was cool, though I must admit that I didn’t really dig a lot of his material. I can appreciate it on a purely creative and technical level. Apparently he’s based out of Brooklyn.

Today’s drive is relatively easy. The first few drives have been 8 – 9 hour runs.

3.18.2011 Denton, TX 18:41
I’m sitting at the same coffee shop that I sat in when we were here with Kylesa back in 2009. Not much has changed. Denton seems like a nice place; sleepy college town, friendly people. I hit the comic book store across the square looking for Neonomicon #4, but no luck. I talked to the guy at the counter for a while.

We don’t load in for another hour and a half. I think the shows go off later around here. It’s Friday night so hopefully people come out. The shows have been surprisingly good these past few days. It’s always hard getting around the country this time of year; every band is on the road trying to get to SXSW. There are shows every night. I have to thank the small group of people that support the band when we play their town. I can’t begin to describe how much it means to me because we wouldn’t be able to do this without them.

I’ve got the Celeste record “Mortes Nees” playing. It came out a while ago. I’d love to play with these guys at some point; totally killer band.

3.20.2011 Austin, TX 19:20
Today is the last day of South by Southwest. We missed most of the action this year. Everyone is on their way out of town, nursing hangovers and checking their bank account balances to reconcile the $5.00 surcharge on the ATM machine withdrawals specific only to the SXSW week in Austin. All of the streets are open and only a few diehards are wandering around looking for those last few shows.

We played one of the Brooklyn Vegan shows yesterday at this venue called Lovejoys. It was a great show; I think we played really well. Everyone that came out was cool and people seemed to dig it. In particular, Batillus rocked me. Their new singer, Fade really stepped the band up. Prior to him joining, they operated as an instrumental three-piece. The vocals really focus the band.

The show in Denton the other night was small but cool. We shipped out after our set and drove all night to get here. I took the first shift and Carson relieved me at around 04:00 for the rest of the drive. We crashed at Morgan’s place for a few hours, woke up and went downtown for check in. Castevet was borrowing our backline so we had to get there early. They played a great set. They are easily one of the best bands we’ve played with in a long time.

I saw a bunch of friends at the show: Wormrot, Shane Phobia, Ce Ce, Ron Martinez.

We play tonight in a few hours. Tonight is the annual show that Will from Constants puts on with a few the Radar Records bands. Tonight it’s Adai, Junius, Caspian and some others. It’ll be good to play and see those guys.

I went to the Profound Lore show last night and caught KEN Mode, Wolvhammer and Grayceon. Ron took me out for dinner so I didn’t get back to see the Castevet set. I met this artist named Glyn Smyth who did the poster artwork for the show; really intense, beautiful work. He had some of his work for sale at the show. It all looked really amazing. He also did the cover art for Unearthly Trance “V” and new Cough record.

After the show, I unsuccessfully tried to get a cab back to Morgan’s place. They were all either taken or wouldn’t stop to pick me up. According to Google Maps, it was just under 5 miles back to the house. I started walking. About an hour later, I found a lone cab somewhere on the outskirts of town that would pick me up.

3.21.2011 Austin, TX 08:27
I woke up about and hour ago. I feel like it’s time to get back on the trail.

I had some technical issues last night, broken strings etc. It took a while to settle in but I think we finished well. It was kind of a weird, random crowd last night; kind of a “post-rock” thing, whatever that means. It was great seeing the Junius guys. They’re such a great band and at this point, I feel pretty tight with those guys.

The vibe in town was low key. I walked around the Red river / 6th Street area looking for coffee and some decent chow. It was a completely different scene compared to the mayhem of the night before, none of the streets were blocked, and most people had either left or were on their way out of town. I walked past this one, mostly empty bar and a band was playing that Kings of Leon song “Use Somebody”. It had a really, sad, lonely vibe.

Tonight, we’ll be in Lafayette with the Wormrot kids.

3.22.2011 New Orleans, LA 17:40
Last night in Lafayette was cool. I’ve driven past the exit for Lafayette on past tours many times and wondered why there weren’t any shows there. Back in the old days, Anodyne played there once, but we never went back.

Ron told me the show pretty much booked itself; the promoter, Chase, was all about helping out and took on the show. An awesome band, Wildfires, opened the show. They floored me. We ended up crashing at their place and hung out until the late hours of the morning. They had a small PA system in their living room so we cranked music through it. I’m surprised that the neighbors didn’t complain. It was good times.

When we were leaving this morning I found a lost I.D. card that belonged to this girl. It was just on the floor next to the van. I looked at the picture on the card to see if I recognized her from the night before but she didn’t look familiar. On the drive over I imagined that she was abducted and murdered and the card was left by the killer.

I got a speeding ticket on the way over. We were travelling east on I-10 and I spotted the state trooper travelling west. He drove straight over the grass median separating the east and west lanes, drove directly at us and did a 360. It must be a rush to drive like that and endanger the safety of everyone just to pull some over and give them a ticket.

All day long, I was being assaulting by crackpot right-wing radio. I’m not saying that the Liberals are any better, but Republican Party-Liners seem so crooked as they prey on the emotions of their Philistine followers. Of course, the hot topic is still healthcare. Honestly, I’m not sure who the man talking was, because I only catch these transmissions between spending time finding rock stations and avoiding modern country. He trip was that the Liberals are taking away their health care plan. Who’s healthcare plan? As far as I know the only healthcare plan that existed in this country was the profit-driven system administered by the Pharma companies.

3.23.2011 Panama City, FL 18:55
We arrived at the venue about 30 minutes ago and loaded in. I’ve never been to Panama City before. On the way in we drove through the part of town where all the bars and hotels are. It appears that this is Spring Break Week because the streets are filled with roaming packs of “bro’s” looking for young girls. It was a sea of shirtless dudes in their twenties wearing Raybans and shorts. Apparently, humans are 80% similar to Chimpanzees, and that has never been clearer to me. When I’m sitting alone in my room, listening to Rush or King Crimson, it seems like such a remote, foreign concept to me, but watching these guys stalk the streets…

The venue is the side room of a bar and grille on the outskirts of town. I have absolutely no idea how the show will go tonight. All I know is that we’re guaranteed a certain amount of money and that we’re playing here. I can smell the ocean and there’s a nice cool breeze rolling in. It’s quiet and I can smell a charcoal grille somewhere.

Last night was a typical New Orleans night for us. Nola is just not our town I guess. Wormrot played and about 60% of the meager crowd filed out. A few diehards were left. I think we played well despite a few problems I had on stage.

We arrived in New Orleans early and walked around for a while. Andrew and I walked down to the waterfront near Decatur Street. There were a large group of “on the road” style punks. They sat in a group and bummed change, cigarettes, played acoustic guitar. About 30 feet away from then was a smaller group of homeless men. It was an interesting juxtaposition: hardcore down and out men and kids finding themselves on the road, play acting this false hobo life. I wonder what the real-deal homeless guys made of the young Jack Kerouacs and their muses posted up next to them. The looked on balefully as the kids laughed and shared hand-rolled cigarettes in studied destitution. To what end I ask? It’s not that cool being homeless and penniless, you can ask the crew of guys sitting out on the fringe: alcoholism, drug addiction, hard luck, hard times and no way out.

3.24.2011 Panama City, FL 08:59
We crashed at a Red Roof Inn last night after the show. I woke up about an hour ago to take advantage of the breakfast buffet. I’ve got Immortal “All Shall Fall” playing. It’s a good record, though I still don’t like the vocals. I never was a huge Immortal fan but I like some of their records. Something about them just never set in for me, it’s like they’re the Black Metal Kiss.

We played well last night. The set is real solid at this point and when it’s time to play we just deploy and execute. I love then the band is at this level with playing where you can get deep into the music and get really intense. I’m not sure if we reached anyone last night but at least it felt good to rip it.

I met this dude named Conrad last night that played in Pig Chicken Suicide, one of the bands on the bill. He was a seriously cool guy, into a lot of different stuff. His band was pretty ripping as well, sort of on the GG Allin/Mentors trip.

After the set, we hung out at the oyster bar connected to the venue and ate smoked oysters while the cool night breeze rolled in off of the Gulf of Mexico.

3.25.2011 Tampa, FL 10:21
We’re back at the Red Roof Inn. The show was over pretty early last night so we were able to get a good night’s sleep. The drive down to Miami today is pretty easy, only about 5 hours.

Last night was a combined show between the Body / Whitehorse tour and the Tombs / Wormrot Tour. The bill was solid. Two other bands, Flying Snakes and Cellgraft were also on the bill. Whitehorse totally kicked my ass; a sort of Corrupted/Neurosis noise-infused trip, totally brutal and intense.

The downside is that we had to trim out set down to 20 minutes because of the size of the bill. We blasted through four songs and it didn’t even feel like we played.

I traded two copies of “Fear is the Weapon” with this awesome black metal/noise cassette distro. The guy running it was cool and we talked for a while. I asked him to give me the blackest, most depressive stuff he had on his label and he hooked me up with four releases. I’m looking forward to checking them out when I get back from tour.

Miami, FL 19:23
We’ve been here for about two hours or so. Mitch came down to check in on us; the show doesn’t start for a while. Earlier on we drove out to a comic shop; I was looking for Neonomicon #4 and the first issue of the new Hellraiser comic, but they were both sold out. I really miss the days of the late, great Brooklyn Monster Factory where I had a subscription and I can depend on the BMF crew to hold onto my books while I’m away on tour.

The other guys are hanging out at the venue; I’m kicking back at Sweat Records, the shop next to the venue. It’s relaxing in here; there’s only one other dude in here other than the owner. They’re both sitting at a table, talking while blues music is playing in the background. They sell coffee and baked goods here as well as records; two of my favorite things. There are tables and a couch, a small stage with a huge Iggy Pop poster. Apparently, there’s some kind of experimental noise show going on here tonight.

Tonight is the Maruta record release show. It should be a good night. I was here in September when I drove Wormrot on their last tour. The neighborhood really takes a turn for the worst when the sun goes down around here.

The music selection has changed from blues to jangly indie rock. It sounds like something from the 90’s but I can’t place it, so familiar but my mind is coming up blank. It reminds me of people that I knew from several years ago that I don’t see any more. It’s funny how you lose track of people and they vanish; they’re out there somewhere but I most likely will never see them again. I can’t say that I am a very big fan of indie rock; I have the bands in that genre that I dig like Build to Spill, Beat Happening, Pinback…but I never was able to relate to the vibe. I always felt like I was on the outside of it all, like I wasn’t cool enough or I liked the wrong bands, or that I had too much testosterone, not sensitive enough or something like that, to really get into it. I think I should get more coffee. It’s getting dark outside, we should think about loading in soon.

3.26.2011 Orlando, FL 17:50
Miami was awesome. I don’t think a lot of bands go down there. Mitch did a great job of putting the whole thing together. I feel like we played well and kids seemed to dig it. We met this dude named Eddie that put us up for the night. We went back to his place with his friends and kicked back, ended up staying awake until the wee hours of the morning talking, playing xbox and watching videos. It was a good hang.

Last night was Maruta’s record release, so they played a lot of new material. What a great, heavy band. The gig was at Churchill’s, sort of the Miami-version of CBGB’s, but unlike New York, the neighborhood in Miami never came up and remains a sketchy crime zone. I walked around the corner of the venue, looked down and realized that I was standing in a patch of dried blood.

We woke up early. Eddie took us out to a local Cuban place for breakfast then we hit South Beach. This was only the second time that I have been to Miami so it was cool to see something other than the neighborhood around the venue. We waded out into the clear warm water and I thought about everyone back in New York dealing with snow and freezing rain. It was a nice respite. After the beach, I got a smoothie and we headed back to Eddie’s place.

Carson drove today and I crashed in the back of the van, slept for almost the entire afternoon. I still feel a little out of it. I kept drifting in and out of consciousness. I heard the Joan Jett cover of “Crimson and Clover” playing on the radio as I toggled between being awake and being asleep.

3.27.2011 Atlanta, GA 20:52
We’re playing at an artist warehouse type of setting tonight. I rolled in about an hour ago, loaded in, ate and now we’re dug in waiting for the show to start. I got a call from Wormrot’s tour manager, Mike, indicating that they had van trouble and are about an hour outside of the city. They had to get the van towed. Ryan, the promoter is on his way out to pick them up. They’ll be using our backline tonight.

It’s cold. The warm weather is gone and now it’s back to the cold, dampness of the East Coast. It was 80 degrees when we left Orlando, sunny and rad. Now it’s grey, overcast and about 55 degrees.

The show last night was difficult. I felt like we were playing in front of an endless black abyss. I felt all of my energy being sucked out of me and into this endless void. Sometimes the audience can be a drag and it bums me out that it matters, I want to play through them. I feel weak that it affects me at all.

One of the high points of the evening was hanging out with Cartel.

3.28.2011 Charlotte, NC 18:51
I’m sitting in a Barnes and Noble, drinking coffee and listening to Cheap Trick’s self-titled first record. We’ll be heading over to the venue soon. We played here on the Kylesa tour a while back and I remember the venue being run pretty loosely.

Last night was another night where I wanted to incinerate everyone in the audience. I feel like we played a great set. There was a dude walking around with a 12-pack of some kind of cheap beer in a can. Another dude was wearing sunglasses inside. About 10 feet in front of me was a young girl texting. I wish that bullets instead of sound came out of our speakers and that at the end of the set, there was a pile of dead punks in Aus Rotten shirts.

That’s pretty much all I took away from the show. Oh, this killer death metal band played before us.

I switched to the Portraits of Past discography. I remember playing with them at Dude Fest a couple of years ago. There set still give me chills when I think about it.

As we drove into Charlotte, I imagined all of the buildings abandoned with vines growing on the outsides of their facades. I imagined the human population reduced to a manageable number where we don’t have to destroy the environment, where people have to deal with real issues like hunting food and avoiding predators instead of checking their Facebook profiles.

We’re all loaded in. Mike, Wormrot’s tour manager, called earlier and told me that they’ll be rolling in late. The van is fixed, they picked up their gear and they’re on the way.

We were hanging out with some of the people at the venue, listening to the new Ian Svenonius record and just chilling out; really cool people I’m looking forward to playing, I’m not sure if anyone will be here or not, but we’re going to kill it either way.

I was thinking about my experience at The Barnes and Noble. I think I was sitting in at this woman’s special table. She walked into the café area, looked at me with a disgusted look on her face and took both of the table next to me. She pushed them together and built this little fort around her with chairs, pulled out her laptop and started working on something. When I left, she immediately moved to the table that I had been occupying.

Once again, we’re in a bad neighborhood. It’s one of those strange Southern, country ghettos. I’m sitting in the back of the van and this dude knocked on the window asking me for change. It’s hard times.

I want to play, load up and get out of here. Tomorrow is Richmond. It’ll be good to see Dave, Elway and the RVA crew.

3.29.2011 Greensboro, NC 09:24
We crashed with Rob the singer of Torch Burner last night after the show in Charlotte. The Legitimate Business/Brave Young/Torch Burner kids are seriously good people. Next time we come through town, I’d like to do a show with those guys. When I woke up Rob had brought some pastries for us to eat.

There was an actual print zine on the coffee table. It was an anachronism. I used to live for reading zines back in the day, but it seems like they are a thing of the past, a relic from the 90’s. There was Torch Burner tour journal, an interview with Disembodied and some other miscellaneous hardcore-related articles.

Last night’s show was small but cool. I’ll take it over a night of not playing. Of course there were a small contingency of wacky grind fans. The Milestone is okay in my book. John is a rad dude and we felt at home there.

Soon it’s off to Richmond.

I’m looking forward to the end of this tour. I have nothing but love for Wormrot, but I’m looking forward to getting onto the next thing.

3.30.2011 Richmond, VA 07:30
We played the set. I don’t know if it was any good or not, but I felt like we executed the songs well. The soundman only mic’ed the kick, snare and vocals and nothing was coming through the monitors. I thought that was odd because he had a full sound system to work with.

I always love coming to Richmond; I have a lot of tight friends down here. It was good to hang with Dave, Elway and Mike from Bastard Sapling. Jamie Thomson was in town, so it was a nice occasion to talk about doing some more King Generator material.

3.31.2011 Annapolis, MD 11:13
As much as I dislike going to Baltimore, our shows there are always good. The city is a drag but the people that we meet at the shows are cool.

It’s always good to hang with Nik and Cole.

Philadelphia, PA 03:40
The show earlier was good; I think we played well and people seemed to dig it. The set feels like a well-oiled machine at this point. We set up and execute, the mechanics of playing are firmly embedded in our muscle memory. I like when it’s like this, when the only thing that you have 100 percent confidence in is that you can deliver the set.

The show was solid. Woe delivered an exceptional set; I haven’t seen them play since the midnight Krieg show last year. Wormrot rocked as usual. I missed Infernal Stronghold.

It was a cold, grey, depressing day in Philly. It’s such a grim city. The area around the club looks dangerous, a lot of unsavory types lurking around. After we loaded in, we walked down to Johnny Brenda’s for dinner and passed a dead rat crushed into the pavement on the way. It was flattened out and decomposing.

I’m dug in at Gordon’s place. I can feel the welcoming tendrils of sleep caressing me. We’re going to swing by the Relapse office in the morning. I can feel that we’re closing in on the end of the line.

4.2.2011 Belmont, MA 04:22
I should be unconscious, but I can’t seem to be able to fall asleep. It’s quiet and dark down here in Tim’s basement. I can’t remember how many times I’ve crashed down here over the years; it’s like being inside a nest.

It was quite a day. We drove Gordon to the office this morning and had a meeting regarding our game plan for the next few months. I also met with Drew, the head production guy and got a test pressing for “Path of Totality”, the new record. It’s a double L.P. which is kind of alarming. I never figured us as a “Tales of Topographical Oceans” kind of band, but the new record is just under 60 minutes long. I want to deliver the goods man, and if it takes 4 sides of vinyl than it is what it is. Drew also hooked me up with a print proof of the final layout. The whole package looks killer and I’m stoked for this thing to be available. Sadly, it won’t be out until June 7.

I got word from Wormrot earlier that they’re having issues with the van. They didn’t make it to the show tonight and I’m betting that they won’t be making it to the Boston show either. I gave Mike their tour manager contact information for people I know in Philly that may be able to help them out with transpo but its short notice. Hopefully, they can make it to their show in Brooklyn; they’re playing with the legendary NYC doom band Winter. It’s their first show in like 20 years.

We arrived late in Worcester earlier; the show had already started and we loaded in between bands. Worcester is a heartbreaker of a town. I can’t remember that last time I played there, possibly in the 90’s at the late-great Space. The show was small, but I’ll take it over no show at all. There were a few familiar faces from past shows in Massachusetts. Worcester is town where you would like to see some familiar faces because the place is so completely soul-crushing.

After the set, Andrew “Intel” Hernandez located a Denny’s. We hadn’t eaten since noon so everyone was ready to throw down on a late night meal. Despite my strict salad protocol on this tour, I found myself craving deep-fried food. Maybe it was the cold weather, exhaustion, depression or just plain animalistic hunger, but I required fried fish. The Denny’s was way off the beaten path; it took about 20 minutes to get there and I was totally let down, it was possibly the worst Denny’s dining experience that I have ever experienced in close to two decades of touring.

The vibe was bad. The first thing I noticed was the armed police officer posted up next to the cash-out station. Is it really that bad in Worcester? We were seated and it took about 15 minutes for anyone to even acknowledge that we were there. I spotted one of the waitresses conversing with a table full of women; she made eye-contact with me several times but chose to continue her conversation. Finally, this dude named “AJ” came over to take out orders. He was doing several jobs at once, wait staff, bussing and casing people out.

During all of this, a table of young men and women sitting behind us were speaking to each other in ghetto vernacular. It was mainly, the curiously non-ghetto young women that seemed to have the command of Ebonics and profanity. It was relentless; the guys sat, like stoics, as the girls barraged. The level that men will go to just to get a little pussy never ceases to astound me. It’s a testament to the true weakness of men. I’m not sure if I would be able to endure it. Even at my position, about 10 feet away, I wanted to cut all of their throats.

The whole Denny’s trip took about two hours. Our man AJ took care of us.

4.3.2011 Brooklyn, NY 14:30
No Wormrot in Boston last night. I just got word that they will be in Brooklyn tonight for their show with Winter and Death Cycle. It never goes smoothly for them. It’s always some kind of ordeal, be it a poorly booked tour like their first US trip or all of these logistical issues.

The show in Boston was cool, I felt like the playing was on point and it’s always killer to hang with the crew of friends I have up there. A lot of bands were on the bill which made the night drag a little, but getting to play makes everything worthwhile. That’s the most important thing. The only reason we were out there was to kick it full-throttle every night. That is the mission, everything else is secondary. I would go to whatever length is necessary to play.

After our set, the promoter sorted us out and I went to get the van. As I pulled into the load-out, I noticed that the front tire was flat. Luckily, we had the personnel available to make the tire change easy. Chris Mountain was crucial in the process. Our spare was a little flaccid so he drove me down to the nearest fuel station to pump up the tire.

We ended up driving back overnight, arriving at our practice space at some unkind hour of the morning. As we loaded into the space, we had to step over fresh vomit and piss that someone had left in the doorway. Yeah, I love New York. If you can make it here, you can make it anywhere; the city that never sleeps, pisses in your doorway, steals your wallet and vomits all over itself.