Transmission 2.23.2011

I rode the G Train out to Fred BV’s place out in Clinton Hill this morning at 10:00 to do the Henry Rollins interview this morning. Originally this was scheduled to happen earlier in the month when Rollins was out here for the dates he had at Joe’s Pub but due to some unforeseen issues, we had to abort. Thanks to Mike Magnuson from Henry’s office, we were able to work it out for the interview to happen this morning. Hopefully, this will show up on Brooklyn Vegan sometime next week…maybe.

I feel fortunate. I don’t have any real writing experience or talent but I’ve had the opportunity to interview Henry Rollins and Keith Morris, two of the singers for Black Flag, a band that is extremely important to me.

When I got home, I played “Hard Volume” by the Rollins Band. It was my go-to record for the night shifts back when I lived in the attic room back in Allston during the 90’s. It was the late night soundtrack for me.

Today is kind of a light day for me. I’ll be heading out to the gym in an hour or so after I finish up some work.

I’ve been obsessed with watching films on Netflix Streaming. “Philosophy of a Knife” just showed up and I added it to my instant cue. If all goes well, I’ll be watching this in a few hours.


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