Transmission 2.12.2011

The Rollins interview was postponed to next week due to some scheduling issues, so next week I’ll be calling into a number and the conversation will take place between New York and Los Angeles. Thanks to Brooklyn Vegan, I went to one of the speaking dates at Joe’s Pub, a venue I’ve never been to near Cooper Union in New York City. He had a week of sold out shows.

As I was standing on line, I reflected on how much the Rollins experience has changed over the years. I’ve been a fan for a long-ass time, spanning most of my life, from his years in Black Flag, through the Rollins Band years up until now. The spoken word shows evolved over the years. It started out as readings, literally, where he would read out of texts. Eventually, he moved away from the rigid format of the reading into the free-from trip that he’s on now.

Rollins’ status also evolved over the past three decades. When I first started attending his shows, generally I was going to really small, punk rock venues like Green Street Station In the Jamaica Plain area of Boston with about a handful of punks. It’s a different world now. It’s safe and the vibe is different.

The place was packed with people who most likely swung by after work. There was a reserved seating area but my free, guest list ticket secured a place to stand next to the bar. Pretty much the whole time, this dude was standing directly in front of me, obscuring my view to the stage. If I moved my head, he would move his head. The only time he wasn’t standing in my way, was during his frequent trips to the bar to secure more alcohol.

Rollins turns 50, the tour was called “50.” I guess it’s just a number, but so much emphasis is placed on age in our society, that it turning 50 has a heavy vibe to it.

Other news is that Gary Moore died. If you’re not familiar with him, he was one of the guitarists in Thin Lizzy. In addition to his work, he released 20 solo records. Think about that for a minute: 20 SOLO RECORDS! I’ll be listening to “Black Rose” to honor Gary’s memory.

We leave for tour in a few weeks. We’ve been rehearsing and tightening up the set which will feature all material from the new record. Now that everything is done with the production, I want to have the record in my hands. I’m stoked on Hooper’s artwork. I’ve learned to have total trust in what he does.

I want to get it on now. I want to be out on the road deploying the set every night.


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