Transmission 2.7.2011

I got in a good workout today. I still have to take it easy on my shoulder but it feels good to be able to train again. I feel sharper, sleep better and think much more clearly when I train hard. We’re all still working with the same hardware that we have been since we lived in caves and killed our food and ran away from mountain lions. Humans need to destroy stuff and blow out that energy otherwise anxiety builds up, depression sets in and we end up beating our wives, girlfriends, life-partners.

In two days, I interview Henry Rollins for Brooklyn Vegan. Originally, it was scheduled for tomorrow but there was a change to the program. Rollins is doing speaking shows all week in New York; I got the orders on Friday afternoon and now it’s on. His management sent me a screener for a National Geographic special on snakes that he’s hosting. It arrived this morning and I checked it out earlier. Kerry King is also in it, apparently, he is a serious snake breeder.

This is a big moment for me. I want to be prepared and do a good job. Unfortunately, it won’t be a face-to-face interview but I still feel fortunate to have the opportunity have a conversation with someone who has been such a significant influence on pretty much every facet of my life.

I recently signed up for Netflix streaming. It rules; mostly I’ve been watching documentaries. Three titles totally kicked my ass: “Restrepo”; embedded-journalists follow a the deployment of a U.S. Army platoon in Afghanistan. The other two, “The Third Jihad” and “Islam: What the West Needs to Know” are sort of sister films. Both films terrified me; I’m going to do more research on Islam because the information presented in these films is very extreme and I want to check some of the sources.

It’s our duty to learn more about the Middle East and Islam. That part of the world is so significant on a global level that everyone in this country should know at least the basics and who the main players are.

I’ve been cranking “Masters of Reality” and “Paranoid” heavily these past few days.

3 Responses to “Transmission 2.7.2011”

  1. Seanicus Says:

    You should check out the Ghost album Opus Eponymous. It’s insanely good. It sounds like Blue Oyster Cult and early Merciful Fate with overtly satanic lyrics. Weird dudes. Great tunes. Some of the tracks are on Youtube. It’ll go well with the Sabbath.

    Those docs are good, but only show one side of Islam. In reality, Islam isn’t any more violent a religion than Christianity or Judaism. If all Muslims hated the US, Indonesia would have attacked us many times over.

    • Definitely. The two documentaries were good but if a less forward-thinking person were to watch them, it could fan the flames on a very incendiary topic. Many of my old co-workers were Muslim, my former boss was Muslim; most were fairly secular and none of them supported Jihad.

      Ghost is definitely on my radar; I love King Diamond and B.O.C. I’ve read about them and the whole thing is very intriguing.

  2. Restrepo was great. Very eye-opening.

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