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Transmission 2.25.2011

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I finished up the introduction to the Henry Rollins interview for Brooklyn Vegan. I’m hoping to get the transcription in the next couple of days. I want to do a good job; I’m still a little blown away by the fact that I had a chance to talk to Henry.

I’m gearing up for the gym and practice this afternoon. I was feeling a little crazy so I poured half a cup of coffee into my protein shake. Later on, I’m heading out to see Peter Sotos at Hospital Records tonight. He got into town last night.

I’ve been on this obsessive Netflix Streaming trip lately. It’s a new concept to me that I can stream movies to my Xbox. I’ve been checking out tons of documentaries. At about 01:00 I was watching “Waiting for Amageddon” a documentary about this sect of Christians that take the Bible literally and believe that the Rapture is going to be happening any day now. It was trippy, maybe because it was late and I was tired, but I highly recommend it.

Transmission 2.23.2011

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I rode the G Train out to Fred BV’s place out in Clinton Hill this morning at 10:00 to do the Henry Rollins interview this morning. Originally this was scheduled to happen earlier in the month when Rollins was out here for the dates he had at Joe’s Pub but due to some unforeseen issues, we had to abort. Thanks to Mike Magnuson from Henry’s office, we were able to work it out for the interview to happen this morning. Hopefully, this will show up on Brooklyn Vegan sometime next week…maybe.

I feel fortunate. I don’t have any real writing experience or talent but I’ve had the opportunity to interview Henry Rollins and Keith Morris, two of the singers for Black Flag, a band that is extremely important to me.

When I got home, I played “Hard Volume” by the Rollins Band. It was my go-to record for the night shifts back when I lived in the attic room back in Allston during the 90’s. It was the late night soundtrack for me.

Today is kind of a light day for me. I’ll be heading out to the gym in an hour or so after I finish up some work.

I’ve been obsessed with watching films on Netflix Streaming. “Philosophy of a Knife” just showed up and I added it to my instant cue. If all goes well, I’ll be watching this in a few hours.

Transmission 2.14.2011

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I spent the afternoon doing gear check out for the film shoot that starts on a few days. I saw a few people from the “No Hair…” shoot from last year. The director only needs sound for three days, the rest of shoot is just photography.

I was there for a few hours and hit the gym for a decent work out. The road back to being in condition is long, hard and messes with my self esteem. I had to take a long break due to my shoulder injury. I can’t pinpoint exactly when I damaged my shoulder; it was most likely the result of years of abuse and the fact that I’m old as fuck.

Before heading out this morning, I watched a documentary currently on Netflix Instant watch, called “I Need that Record”. If you lament the slow death of the record store, this is required viewing. It profiles several independent records stores in different cities and follows the store closure and the impact it on their lives. In all cases, the one common thing is that all of the owners missed the daily interaction with their customers. They missed the community element. Commerce could have never been the goal of an indie record store owner; everyone that I’ve ever known who owned a record store has the same blues jam of struggle and hard times.

There was a personal element to the film for me because Trash American Style was featured. Malcolm and Kathy, the two owners are interviewed and appear prominently. It was trippy seeing the footage inside of the store from a few years ago, knowing that the store is gone now.

I remember the first time I went to Trash. It was the eighties and I was in high school just starting to ride that “new wave” of music, learning and discovering some of the most important music. It was a life-defining part of my life. My friend Jim, was into hardcore punk. He seemed to know about tons of bands; he had been to CBGB’s and seen bands like Cromags, Agnostic Front and a lot of the early hardcore bands. Later that year, Jim would also take me to see Adrenalin Overdose at the legendary d.i.y. space called The Anthrax.

Trash was in it’s original location in Brookfield, CT. I remember that first trip there vividly. “Lie” by Charles Manson was playing. I bought my first Black Flag record there, “Family Man.” I dug the record cover; that intense image of a regular guys who had just murdered his family and was pointing the handgun to his own head, steeling himself to pull the trigger.

The take away from the film was that you should never give up. Life is such a short ride and you should live it on your own terms, find out what makes you happy and do it as hard as you can.

Transmission 2.12.2011

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The Rollins interview was postponed to next week due to some scheduling issues, so next week I’ll be calling into a number and the conversation will take place between New York and Los Angeles. Thanks to Brooklyn Vegan, I went to one of the speaking dates at Joe’s Pub, a venue I’ve never been to near Cooper Union in New York City. He had a week of sold out shows.

As I was standing on line, I reflected on how much the Rollins experience has changed over the years. I’ve been a fan for a long-ass time, spanning most of my life, from his years in Black Flag, through the Rollins Band years up until now. The spoken word shows evolved over the years. It started out as readings, literally, where he would read out of texts. Eventually, he moved away from the rigid format of the reading into the free-from trip that he’s on now.

Rollins’ status also evolved over the past three decades. When I first started attending his shows, generally I was going to really small, punk rock venues like Green Street Station In the Jamaica Plain area of Boston with about a handful of punks. It’s a different world now. It’s safe and the vibe is different.

The place was packed with people who most likely swung by after work. There was a reserved seating area but my free, guest list ticket secured a place to stand next to the bar. Pretty much the whole time, this dude was standing directly in front of me, obscuring my view to the stage. If I moved my head, he would move his head. The only time he wasn’t standing in my way, was during his frequent trips to the bar to secure more alcohol.

Rollins turns 50, the tour was called “50.” I guess it’s just a number, but so much emphasis is placed on age in our society, that it turning 50 has a heavy vibe to it.

Other news is that Gary Moore died. If you’re not familiar with him, he was one of the guitarists in Thin Lizzy. In addition to his work, he released 20 solo records. Think about that for a minute: 20 SOLO RECORDS! I’ll be listening to “Black Rose” to honor Gary’s memory.

We leave for tour in a few weeks. We’ve been rehearsing and tightening up the set which will feature all material from the new record. Now that everything is done with the production, I want to have the record in my hands. I’m stoked on Hooper’s artwork. I’ve learned to have total trust in what he does.

I want to get it on now. I want to be out on the road deploying the set every night.

Transmission 2.7.2011

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I got in a good workout today. I still have to take it easy on my shoulder but it feels good to be able to train again. I feel sharper, sleep better and think much more clearly when I train hard. We’re all still working with the same hardware that we have been since we lived in caves and killed our food and ran away from mountain lions. Humans need to destroy stuff and blow out that energy otherwise anxiety builds up, depression sets in and we end up beating our wives, girlfriends, life-partners.

In two days, I interview Henry Rollins for Brooklyn Vegan. Originally, it was scheduled for tomorrow but there was a change to the program. Rollins is doing speaking shows all week in New York; I got the orders on Friday afternoon and now it’s on. His management sent me a screener for a National Geographic special on snakes that he’s hosting. It arrived this morning and I checked it out earlier. Kerry King is also in it, apparently, he is a serious snake breeder.

This is a big moment for me. I want to be prepared and do a good job. Unfortunately, it won’t be a face-to-face interview but I still feel fortunate to have the opportunity have a conversation with someone who has been such a significant influence on pretty much every facet of my life.

I recently signed up for Netflix streaming. It rules; mostly I’ve been watching documentaries. Three titles totally kicked my ass: “Restrepo”; embedded-journalists follow a the deployment of a U.S. Army platoon in Afghanistan. The other two, “The Third Jihad” and “Islam: What the West Needs to Know” are sort of sister films. Both films terrified me; I’m going to do more research on Islam because the information presented in these films is very extreme and I want to check some of the sources.

It’s our duty to learn more about the Middle East and Islam. That part of the world is so significant on a global level that everyone in this country should know at least the basics and who the main players are.

I’ve been cranking “Masters of Reality” and “Paranoid” heavily these past few days.

Transmission 2.2.2011

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It’s been a long ride but the end of the line is in sight.We’ve been living with the record for over a year; it was about this time last year that I started correspondence with Congleton about doing our next record. 2010 was a rough year, we had two major tours canceled, it seemed like the whole year was a struggle.

I went to the mastering session about two weeks ago up in East Windsor, NY with Alan Douches at West West Side Music. I’ve been working with Alan for over ten years, it there’s enough budget available, I go to Alan. Ice and snow was forecast so I drove up to my parents’ place the night before. They live about 30 minutes away, so I figured that I would get on the road early, take it slow and give myself enough time to get up there in one piece.

When I woke up, it was all ice and misery. I had my morning coffee with my parents and shipped out at 08:00. It was even worse when I got on the road; I-84 was like a sheet of ice. it was an ordeal trying to keep the van on the road as I crossed the Newburgh Bridge. I got an email from Alan telling me that his road hasn’t been plowed and that he’s looking at delaying the session to noon. I was already halfway to New Windsor.

I posted up at a Dunkin’ Donuts and waiting until I got the word from Alan. we got down to it at around 14:00. It’s always a great experience up at West West Side. Alan Douches is a top engineer and the whole vibe is comfortable and completely professional. He’s full of stories and part of the whole trip is hearing the running narrative about everything from the current records, developments in 5.1 surround sound and working with Danzig and the Misfits over the years. I left the studio at around 23:00 and drove back through the fog to my parents’ place.

The final artwork proofs were just put into circulation so everyone can get their comments. It looks intense. Over the next few months we’ll be posting some of the artwork as we draw closer to the release date, which at this time, is June 7. It seems like an eternity. At this point, I want to get it out and hit the road.

In about 6 weeks we ship out for a short tour with Wormrot and the dates down to South by South West with Castevet. I wish we were leaving tomorrow. It’s been a long dead winter and I’m anxious to get on with it.

I’ve been getting into Joe Rogan’s podcast, check it out. It rules.