Transmission 7.4.2010

“Independence Day.”
I’m sitting on the couch, listening to the new Nachtmystium record “Addicts: Black Meddle Part II”. I like it more than the previous one “Addicts: Black Meddle Part I”. Will Lindsay played guitar on the record. I remember hanging out with him in Chicago when I drove Defeatist a few months ago and he told me about his involvement with Nachtmystium. Wrest, the mastermind behind Leviathan / Lurker of Chalice is contributed his drumming skills to the project as well. It’s a good record with a really heavy early 80’s “gothic” vibe that I’m responding to. They were one of the better bands that we played with on the Eyehategod dates a few weeks ago. Conceptually, I’ll say that “No Funeral” is probably my favorite cut.
I read a few pages of “Shivering Sands” by Warren Ellis. My cousin Jonathan bought it for me a birthday present. Ellis is one of my favorite comic book writers, I’ll read anything with his name on it: “Fell”, “Transmetropolitan”, his X-men run, Iron Man, “No Hero”, it’s all good, though some is better than others. “Shiver Sands” is a collection of essays about the world we lived in at the turn of the millennium and where we’re headed filtered through an over-indulgence of cigarettes, Red Bull and an abstinence from sleep. It has a feverish, obsessive feel to the writing and dips in and out of speculative-style science fiction a la William Gibson’s Neuromancer and straight up journalistic writing about DMT and obscure British publishing companies. It’s the perfect reading material if you’re between books and need some short, concise injections of intel.


4 Responses to “Transmission 7.4.2010”

  1. Thanks for the tip about the Warren Ellis book. It looks good, I think I’ll give it a try.

  2. I haven’t picked up Part II yet but I will soon.

    On a side note, the Relapse site says you guys are playing the Firehouse Pub in Normal, IL. Surely this isn’t true? If it is, it just made my day since I’m only half an hour away.

    Thanks in advance for coming here. We NEVER get shows like this around here.

    • We are in fact playing there. Due to an unanticipated circumstance, we had to change the routing of the tour in August. I don’t think I’ve ever been to Normal, IL. See you there!!

      • WOW! Bloomington/Normal, IL is a college town. If you’ve been to one you’ve been to them all. If you guys have a set flyer out there on the Internet for this show let me know and I’ll get it printed up and put in all the right places.

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