Transmission 6.29.2010

I’ve been meditating on La Gritona and Slaughter Shack, two old Boston bands that most people probably haven’t heard of. Both bands thoroughly blew my mind back in the day. I think I first witnessed Slaughter Shack back in ’89 or ’90 when I was finishing up college at Boston University. I remember seeing the bassist and singer hanging around New England Comics and this dude named Ken that I knew told me they were in a band called Slaughter Shack. I went to check them out felt like I had experienced something that was new and fresh to me at the time. You could say that they were a “Metal Band” but there was also this really depressing intensity that made me think of the early Swans. The focal point was the singer, this shirtless Axel Rose-looking guy, with a stentorian voice, going off. He was probably about 140 pounds but there was no doubt in my mind that he could kick my ass. I think they broke up in ’91 or ’92 with only a demo, split 7-in and a handful or compilation tracks to document their existence.

A few years later, La Gritona surfaced featuring the same shirtless madman on vocals, the drummer from Eye For an Eye and these two other dudes that I’d never seen before. The singer had cut off his hair and seemed more focused; his trip was more thought-out, developed. The band was tight as hell, sounding like the best of the Amrep catalog infused with Black Flag discordance and seriously dark, relentlessness that transcends punk, metal, hardcore…whatever.

Tortuga Records is releasing a La Gritona discography; hopefully it’ll be out this summer. Buy it!


One Response to “Transmission 6.29.2010”

  1. Fartymcdoodlepants Says:

    I can’t believe it’s finally being released, I am overjoyed.

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