Transmission 6.24.2010

Part 2 of my interview with Aaron Turner was posted today on

Last night was the final Isis show up in Montreal. There’s a certain poignancy to that, because their first show was in Montreal at the Underworld. I remember working on their demo with them at Salad Days Studios up in Norwood, MA talking about the show. That was an interesting time for me; I had just started playing in Anodyne and was enjoying an incredible feeling of freedom because it seemed like a lot of the bands that I dug were starting to do really cool things.

It doesn’t seem that long ago until you count the years and look at photographs of yourself from back then and suddenly it feels like a lifetime has passed. That’s was life is: passing time hoping that the good times are more plentiful than the bad times.

Last night, I thought about those guys up in Canada, setting up their gear, sound checking and then playing their last set. When it was around 23:00, I wondered if they had played yet. I’ve never had a “Last Show” or “Farewell Tour” so I can’t imagine the feelings that those guys were having. It made me think about how Anodyne broke up; the three of us met at McCarren Park, decided to end the band and I watched Joel and Josh walk away.


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