Transmission 6.16.2010


I finished the transcription of my interview with Aaron Turner last night at about 01:00.  I was up by 05:30 and out the door by 06:15.  I’m bone tired today; I haven’t had a proper day off since before the Isis tour.  When we wrapped up those dates we headed out for three days opening for the Eyehategod, Brutal Truth, Nachtmystium tour.  Looking back on it, I probably should have declined to do the dates; too many bands and we had to go on way too early.

I sent the edit of the interview off to Fred at BrooklynVegan; he seemed stoked and indicated that he’s going to be kind with the editing sabre. The original transcription was over 9000 words long.  I was able to edit it down to just over 7000 words and Fred will most likely be able to trim it down a bit more.  Listening to the audio of our conversations put me in a strange mood; even though it was only about two weeks ago, it felt like an eternity has passed since we spoke. Life is so different on the road than off the road and the conversations were captured during some brief periods of downtime during the tour so maybe that’s what I’m responding to.

Those guys will be in town in a few days and I’ll be going to their show in Brooklyn. It feels like an era is about to end in a literal way because Isis is breaking up but also in a more esoteric way.  They’ve been a band for almost 13 years and to me, I think they serve as a connection to the old world of the late-90’s, a period of time that was very important to me. It feels like the world is changing.


2 Responses to “Transmission 6.16.2010”

  1. Will you be able to post the original transcription? I would love to read that.
    Saw you guys in SF and LA on the last Isis tour and you guys were awesome and definitely got me amped for Isis. Looking forward to your new album and whenever you pass through San Francisco.

    • Thanks. The editing interview with Aaron will be posted on in another day or so. Isis is playing two NYC shows this weekend so they want to get it posted in time to promote the show.

      at some point, I would like to post the full version; check back in the next few weeks.

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