Transmission 6.09.2010

We’ve been back for a couple of days.  The plane arrived at JFK at around 00:30 on Monday morning  and Mike Wilson met us at the terminal, a few hours later I was on my way to work.  Whenever I’m away, even if it’s only for a week, I feel like everything went to Hell while I was gone.  I get that intense anxiety about coming back, but when I arrived at the office, nothing had happened.  The same people showed up at the same time, the coffee still sucked and everything was routine.  A few people welcomed me back, nobody asked what I had been up to.

I started moving into my new apartment.  Last night, I loaded in the mattress that I sleep on, the duffel bag that contains most of my clothes, coffee maker and some various odds and ends.  I sat in the empty apartment and enjoyed the silence. I’m paying a little bit more than I had originally anticipated on, but I suppose that I’m paying extra so I can be alone and not have to live with anyone and that is worth it to me.  It’s not that I don’t like people; there are really good people in my life at this point, but I like coming home to an empty room.  It felt as if a massive weight had been lifted off of me.

Rehearsal tomorrow night and then we ship out for the dates with Eyehategod on Friday.  It should be an interesting experience playing with that many bands. I’m looking forward to seeing Nachtmystium, this will be my first time checking them out.

That will be the last shows until August when we do the tour with Planks.  That’s all booked and the dates will be posted early next week. I’m looking forward to getting out on the road with those guys.  The tour is going to be another short run, about 12 days, but I’ll take that over not being on the road.

After that, the next big task is recording the new LP.  We’re shooting for October production and a February 2011 release date.  John Congleton is on board to helm the controls this time around.  He recorded the last Baroness album, “Blue” which we’re all fans of. I’m interested to hear what he does with us; we’re probably the most overtly “metal” band that he’s worked with.  The summer will be spent preparing for the session.  We have a lot of work ahead of us on that front.


5 Responses to “Transmission 6.09.2010”

  1. Todd Tedeschini Says:

    Mike, I was the guy talking to you at the beginning of the isis set.Thanks for listening, I am an isis fan but you guys were the reason I was there, TOMBS are a great band, I waited a long time 2 see u guys and it was well worth the wait.We talked about eyehategod and the Olympia show,by the way this all took place in Vancouver, keep being awsome.regards ToddT

  2. Mike,

    Looking forward to the new record! You also mentioned interviewing Isis. Where will that be published?


    • Sean,
      We’ll really looking forward to getting in the studio and committing these news songs. The interview is with Aaron Turner and will surface on later this week.

  3. RE: “but I like coming home to an empty room. It felt as if a massive weight had been lifted off of me.”

    No shit. One of the best feelings ever… 😉

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