Transmission 5.27.2010

It’s midday; not long before I can get out of here and sit in traffic on my way back to Brooklyn. There’s nothing quite like dealing with intense traffic to darken your mood and make you realize that your life is ending one moment at a time.

Last night was the last practice before tour. We ran the set, packed up and that was it. Nick helped me move whatever gear was left in my old office space into the van. When I get back from tour, I move into a new place back in my old neighborhood. I dropped Nick off and then it was back to Sunac for some food and supplies. This time I sat at one of the tables and ate my food because I knew it would be too hot back at the apartment.

Portal and Gorguts played last night at the Knitting Factory. It was sold out, but honestly, I don’t think I would have went even if tickets were available because there was a lot of pre-tour business that had to be dealt with in addition to moving out of the office space. I may never get a chance to see Portal. I believe this was the first time they played in the US.

I’m all packed and ready to roll; tonight will be easy. I’m looking forward to a little downtime before tour, get some rest, do some reading. We’re meeting at the space at 08:30 for load out.

In two days I’ll be on the West Coast and it will be shows every night. It beats the day-in/day-out slow death nature of my life here in New York.

Earlier this week, I watched a film called “The Human Centipede.” I’m not sure if I liked it or not. It was definitely an interesting gimmick: three people, one man and two women sewn together mouth to butthole by “Mad Surgeon” Dr. Heiter. That’s pretty much the whole movie. I would have preferred to explore the character of the Dr. Heiter, expertly played by German actor Dieter Laser and what drove him to such an obsession. There definitely some gruesome moments, but overall I felt like it could have gone further.

I’m stoked to play tomorrow at MDF. Aside from playing, I’m looking forward to see Watain play.


One Response to “Transmission 5.27.2010”

  1. Stay safe on the road, Mike. I wish I could see you guys play here in LA, but the show sold out almost instantly. I am really looking forward to hearing new material from Tombs.

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