Transmission 5.21.2010

In a week from now we ship out.  The first date is Maryland Death Fest and then we fly out to Oregon to join up with the Isis Tour.  We’re stoked to be out with those guys again, especially since it’s their last tour, but the logistics are kind of a drag.  It feels like we’re going on a European tour with all of the coordination with gear, driver and flights that we had to do.  If it wasn’t for Will Lindsay and the Isis guys loaning us gear we wouldn’t have been able to do this.  Isis are probably the easiest band to tour with; everyone in their camp is cool, laid back and totally professional.  I remember last year’s tour with them and Pelican being a real high point of an otherwise difficult year.

We’ve been hitting the set hard in practice.  We have about four more practices left.  Last night, I hit the wall during the last run and knew it was time to call it a night.  I skipped my post rehearsal work out, stopped at the market for some extremely mediocre sushi and went home.  I watched about 20 minutes of “The Big Lebowski” (or “Mr. Marijuana as it’s known in Italy) and fell out.


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