Dead kingdoms fall
These are the final days of our decline
This is the way
This is the burning cross on which we hang
The starless nights
Caressed by night side images of fear
Fear is the king
Fear is the way to break their mortal souls

Fear is the weapon
Fear is the weapon
Fear is the weapon
Fear is the weapon

Golden Eyes
Golden eyes the crimson path
Judge me now as I embrace the fall
Golden eyes staring down at me
The cold embrace my blood runs dry
Our world lays shattered
Our dreams lay broken
Pride armor of the dead
Pride armor of the dead

Beneath the Toxic Jungle
Existence calls for annihilation
Moonlit fields wait for me in these border lands
There is only one dream left to ponder
Final thoughts in this final hour
Vision burst into flame
None remain, nothing spared darkness devours
The wolf moon shines over blasted fields
No stars will shine in this infernal night
I can feel it burn my mortal soul
Torn apart
In this last caress
Feel it grasp around your neck
The Great Silence
I pulled the sun from the sky
Divine the scorn with serpent eyes
Born in the sun, live by the moon
Held with shadows dark embrace
Haunt my mind
Visions of Shadows
Plague my mind
I see the light
I watch them fall
Cancer in their hearts
Cancer in their hearts

The Divide
The city sleeps beneath stars
Night time swallows me in shadows
Sullen nights trapped beneath the wheel
Phantoms walk inside my room
They speak to me
Speak to me
Subtle shades lost on a callous mind
Speak to me
Shadow webs across the sky
I can see the stars collide
Obsessions with forgotten stars
Obsessions speak to me
They speak to me
It calls to me
Behold the Black Sun rise
Behold the Black Sun Rise
I’m wide awake
Wide awake
Wide awake

I hold you in my mind
Touched by hands of sadness
You can say you are alone
Hearts carved from forgotten stone
Look inside your soul
Find the emptiness
Buried deep inside
Your fall from grace
Walls of ice
This dark embrace
I can feel the days
Slip away
End of all these days
Forget all you know

Filled with Secrets
She is an echo lost in the void
Echo in a perfect world
Unknown in the dark
Behind the tree line
Filled with secrets
She fills my nightmares for all eternity
She rides the frozen moonlight
Descends into the dark
Behind the Tree line
Filled with Secrets
Her image fades
She speaks to me
Lost in the void
She calls to me
Seven Stars the Angel of Death
Bury the sun in the western sky
Old fields will fail and cities burn
Like dreams like visions I had
Like dreams from long ago
The ravens fly as death descends
The gods of war show no remorse
Our lives crushed by the wheel
In our hearts we know it’s true
Buried all in shallow graves
In death our hearts are true
In death we have no name
In death our hearts are true
In death we have no name

Gods of Love and Suicide
Darkness falls on empty plains
Golden Eyes bleed twilight
An endless night lost in the void
Slowly fades to black
Her voice is like the howling wind
Her eyes are cold as ice
She is despair
She is annihilation
She is retribution
She is incineration
You walk through silent halls alone
You live your life in slow denial
You broken heart breeds despair
You look for meaning in their lies
Trust me
Trust me
Trust me
Hold me close to your heart
I pray for Hell to claim this world
I dream of worlds on fire
I’ll fill your broken heart with lies
My heart is fire
Angels fall
My heart is fire
Angels fall
Cheval Noir
(Lyrics by April Goettle)
All the animals of the earth will look upon you
With fear and terror
I have placed them in your power
I ran so far, far for you
I ran so far, it’s true
I ran all night, my feet they bled
My bones were broke
I tried so hard, so hard for you
You keep me down, down
You keep me down, down
You keep me down, down
Running through the rushes
Running to the barren sea
I’m bleeding burning sacrificing
Angel’s knives are reaching for me
Hear my master’s voice he’s calling out to me…
Fountain of the World 666
Stay until the end I said
There’s no hospital waiting
To take you away
We hold on to these lives, to these lies
We can’t escape it
Over time our lives lose meaning
We’re left with nothing
Our paths are hollow
Over time our hearts stay broken
We’re left with nothing
But empty hands
Pay with your life
Pay with your life
Pay with your life
Course of Empire
Eyes I dare not meet in dreams
Death’s silent kingdom calls
I travel to distant lands
And wash ashore under starless skies
Voices call
Our violent lives
I watch the fading stars shine
Let it near
Dead kingdoms dream
Hollow men filled with straw
Let it come take me away
This violent life has opened doors for me
When I came home there was nothing left
A lonely bed in an empty room on a dead end street
Sleepless nights under starless skies
It will change you
The god of death is the only god
Crimson skies traced out in flames
The river boils and the oceans rise
Death’s kingdom reigns in our final days
This is how it ends my love
This how the world will end
This is how it ends my love
Shadows of the way we were
Prime the safety valves
Let the poison eat your soul
Dope valves opened wide
Walk the wasteland mile
Many miles away
I watch your cities burn
City states in the sand
Melt and blow away
My aim is true
My eyes are sharp
Nothing to lose
My memory fades
I become death
Black oceans rise
Just sink below
The black sultry waves
Darker than your Nights
They tell me this world will end
In blood and tears
I lie awake each night and count the ways
I’d like to die
It’s all a sense of time
Before the end engulfs this world
I lie to myself
About the way I live my life
They tell me they own me
Hallways of the Always
Ghosts walk through empty graves
I get blown away
I can see your dreams of suicide
Shining in your eyes
I can see the pain reflected in your eyes
Conflict in your eyes
Lost in decay
I feel lost somehow
I need to feel the pain
I need to know
I see the way
To secrets locked inside


5 Responses to “TRANSMISSION 6.27.2009 TOMBS LYRICS”

  1. Your set at Dudefest was amazing. I became an even bigger fan after seeing you live for the first time. It almost brought me to tears it was so good and intense. Keep it up!

  2. The same as always, your post is insightful and skillfully written thanks. Keep up the high-quality work I love your site! 😉

  3. Hi Mike,

    I’ve been listening to Winter Hours at least once a week since I bought it last year and I was lucky to catch your blistering set at Dudefest. Looking forward to seeing you guys again at MDF.

    Anyways, I was re-watching a few episodes of Twin Peaks when the line “Filled With Secrets” popped up, in reference to Laura Palmer’s dead body. I was wondering if Twin Peaks had some sort of reference to “Filled With Secrets”. Thanks!


    • Being a huge fan of david Lynch in General and Twin Peaks in particular, the episode your referriing to was an influence on the lyrics of “Filled with secrets”. Every few months or so, I re-watch select episodes from that series. When I was working on the lyrics for Winter Hours, it triggered something in my memory and I recalled a situation from when I was growing up; this young girl was found murdered in a stream close to where my parents’ house was located and I ran with that concept for the song.

  4. Really glad you posted these…I just quoted the line, “In death we have no name” as an intro to a paper on The Divine Comedy. Looking forward to the next time you guys make it out to New Orleans (I was one of the 8 people at Banks Street Bar).

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