Transmission 1.07.2009 Making a Rock Video Part 2

Tonight we’re heading over to Kevin’s studio to check out the latest cut of the video for the track “Gossamer”. So far I’ve seen two cuts of the video that was emailed to us for review. It’s really uncomfortable watching yourself perform like this; actually, I don’t even like seeing my image captured in any way. I get creeped out when I see photos of myself.

The actual video looks killer, especially for the amount of time it was done in. Kevin is a top-notch guy. He usually works with pretty high profile artist, so I feel fortunate to have been able to work with him on this.

Anyway, tonight will be the night we hopefully can sign off on all of this and put it behind us.


2 Responses to “Transmission 1.07.2009 Making a Rock Video Part 2”

  1. Just saw the video, looks great. I also just put a copy of the split tape in the post for you along with a plague demo and definition of ape cdr.

  2. Yo Mike –

    Did this get finalized? How’d it turn out? I’d love to see this – is it available anywhere?


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