Transmission 9.27.2008

The TOMBS/PLANKS Tour is over.  I’ve been home for abot 5 days and I’m looking forward to getting back out on the road.  The past week was spent trying to sraighten out my hours, catching up on mail order and organizing.  My travel bag is still sitting in the same place that I left it, un-opened and filled with dirty laundry.  Maybe that will be my next project.

The tor was short, but I feel like we reached some people.  Planks were a great band to travel with.  We shared gear as well as the financial burdens of the rented van.  Some of the shows were a bit under-attended but it was our first time over there and I had pretty low expectations anyway.

It was still summer when we left and now it feels like Autumn.

I’m feeling the typical end of tour blues.  It’s like hitting a wall travelling 100 mph; there’s this perpetual moton, travelling everyday, riding in the van, taking ferries and planes, taxi’s from the air port and suddently your at a stand still, alone in your room with a bag of dirty laundry.


One Response to “Transmission 9.27.2008”

  1. Andrew O. Says:

    This is my favorite thing Mike Hill has ever said:

    “I’m sitting in a café, drinking a double espresso and eating a peach Danish. “

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